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Great British Baking Show Food Processor

April 15, 2021

TLDR: The Great British Baking Show Food processor is the Magimix Cuisine System (CS) 4200XL Food Processor.

What The Bakers Use

Magimix Cuisine System 4200XL (Williams Sonoma Link)

One of the more serious products that the Bakers on The Great British Baking Show use is the Magimix Cuisine System (CS) 4200XL Food Processor. This is essentially the only all in 1 food processor they or you will ever need.

The Magimix CS 4200XL has multiple sized bowls, which can be seen stacked inside of each other. This lets you process the amount of food that you need, instead of having to take a 1 size fits all approach. Additionally it has a multitude of slicing blades, a normal slicing blade (think for potatoes au gratin) in 2 and 4mm, a grater in 2 and 4 mm, an egg whisk, a dough blade, and a generic knife blade for chopping things to bits.

It has all sorts of optional attachments, far too many to go over - so if you're curious take a look at Magimix Cuisine System (CS) 4200XL Food Processor and just scroll down. This thing's motor clocks in at 950W and is ROBUST.

If you're in the market for a food processor you can't really go wrong with this, however, it does carry a fairly heavy price tag - around $400. For that price you're getting exactly what you're looking for (*welcome to the site!) and something that is going to last you a life time.

Why the Magimix 4200XL?

Well first of all - we should acknowledge the elephant in the room. Magimix is a French company, and they build their machines in France. If history class taught me anything at all - it is that the French and English really do love each other more than any 2 different countrymen ever have. Ahem. Thus it really speaks volumes that The Great British Baking Show would use their products - they must be good!

Interestingly enough, Magimix (Robot-Coupe) actually invented the food processor in France in 1961. The original goal was to create a machine to help professional chefs with myriad tasks. Within a couple years they became iconic and were in kitchens all around the world. Now they are sold in over 60 different countries.

Harking to their quality workhorse roots the Magimix machines have a 3 year total warranty and a 30 year warranty on the motor! Which means that the bakers can run all sorts of veggies, fruits, and their fingers through the blender (John... no one wants a blood strudel), and if they take too much of a beating - its all good - they're covered.

Magimix Cuisine System 4200XL (Williams Sonoma Link)

They don't sell on Amazon! - where can I get one?

Magimix Cuisine System 4200XL (Williams Sonoma Link)

You may have noticed on my other blog posts that I link to Amazon for quite a few products! Why? A. Prime shipping is awesome (if you don't have prime - have a free trial). B. They almost always have what you're looking for. C. Their prices are normally competitive. D. It is where I do like 80% of my shopping. E. I have an affiliate link :).

But every now and again they come up empty handed! Thus is the case with Magimix. (They do sell Robot-Coupe products but they are industrial and not really for home use - take a peek if you're curious (Amazon Link).)

I reached out to Magimix to ask why they do not sell on Amazon and they have yet to get back to me. If they do I'll surely update this post!

So the question remains where can you pick a Magimix CS 4200 XL up from? Well I've done the research for you:

Sadly it seems like Wayfair has had some stocking problems, and Houzz only carries the Magimix CS 5200 XL - which is a larger unit, with a larger capacity for foods, and a bigger motor - at a heavier price.

I thought about posting some additional food processors from other vendors - but I'll let Magimix stand alone here. They're the original, they're hard core with a great warranty, and they're used on The Great British Baking Show. If you're looking for something cheaper and available on Amazon - here is a search for food processors ranked by rating.