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Great British Baking Show Hand Mixers

February , 2021

TLDR: For all seasons of The Great British Baking Show bakers have used the Dualit 4 Speed Hand Mixer (Amazon Link).

What The Bakers Use

Dualit 4 Speed Hand Mixer (Amazon Link)

The bakers on The Great British Baking Show have always had a Dualit Hand Mixer (Amazon Link) on... hand (lousy pun intended). The mixer has a cool retro vibe which meshes well with the rest of the decor in the tent. I've always noticed the chrome version on the show, though they also make canvas colored one.

The Dualit Hand Mixer is quite the little beast. The one available at clocks in with 400 Watts, while the version on Amazon clocks in with a meager 300 Watts. By meager I mean still almost 1/2 a horse power for those who like to try to tear their fingers off OR mix things really good.

Another nicety is that the mixers come with flat beaters, dough hooks and a balloon whisk. This basically has you covered for any sort of mixing you're planning on doing.

Last but not least, the Dualit Hand Mixers come with a 1 year warranty for home use. I'm suspecting that they're of a quality that you won't need this unless you come across a weird manufacturing defect. I'm sure they are in the tent in part for their durability. And I guess they're British too - so there is that.

Do you really need a mixer?

Again I ask - Do you want hands and arms like the Incredible Hulk? If so - then you do not and should not get a electric hand mixer. Unless you want some cool gadget vibes to go in the kitchen with your jacked limbs...

For those of us who are satisfied with mortal hands and arms then an electric hand mixer is really quite nice. If you've spent time whisking together batters or mixing bread ingredients with a large metal spoon in a bowl - then you know the time you could save with an electric mixer.

Quality hand mixers (the Dualit included) have the power needed to mix together some crazy things. Like instead of kneading dough for 8 minutes - you can mix it with your dough hook for like... 6 minutes. Apparently you wanna build that gluten either way! But it really does save you some time and tired arms.

The electric mixer can put in way more energy than your arms can into your mixtures and blends. That means you can turn mashed potatoes into the smoothest puree ever without breaking a sweat. Want to beat some butter or eggs until they turn into another species? Go for it.

The last really nice reason to get a hand mixer is that, if you are short on space in the kitchen, it has a smaller footprint than a stand mixer and can be stored away easily in a cabinet. But this is kind of a "right tool for the job kind of thing" and the stand mixers are going to do the job better if you're mixing huge batches or large quantities of dough.

Dualit 4 Speed Hand Mixer Attachments (from left to right) - Dough Hooks, Balloon Whisk, Flat Beaters (Amazon Link)

Dualit & Friends

Kitchenaid 5-Speed Ultra Power™ Hand Mixer (Amazon Link)

I should probably call this section Dualit and Competition because the options in the electric hand mixer universe are myriad.

A quick search on Amazon for 'electric hand mixer' brings up many mixers with literally thousands of 5 star reviews. For example the Hamiton Beach clocks in at 4.6 stars with 26 thousand plus reviews and is like $15 (Amazon Link)! Honestly that is crazy, thats almost Instant Pot popular. Just kidding - Nothing in the kitchen will ever rival that thing.

So after quite a bit of recent research, my wife picked up a new hand mixer. The ultimate cost to performance that she came up with was the Kitchenaid 5-Speed Ultra Power™ Hand Mixer (Amazon Link). Bonus - it also looks nice and comes in some fun colors!

Personally I really like the Kitchenaid 5-speed mixer. It does everything we need it to do and seems to have quite a bit of power when we need it. And while it's not helping my Hulk arms it is really convenient to get things pulled together in a fraction of the time.

If you're in the market for a great hand mixer and have the money to spend, the Dualit 4 Speed Hand Mixer (Amazon Link) is a great choice. And if you're hunting for the electric hand mixer on The Great British Baking Show - go for it!

If you're looking for a popular hand mixer and don't want to break the bank Amazon has some great choices. And if you're looking for a sturdy little middle of the road (yet fantastic) hand mixer I'd suggest the Kitchenaid 5-Speed Ultra Power™ Hand Mixer (Amazon Link). (Also checkout Target and Walmart they both carry the Kitchenaid mixer and occasionally have them for ~$40!)