The Great British Baking Gear

Great British Baking Show Deep Fryer

November 7, 2021

TLDR: The Great British Baking Show deep fryer is the Caterlite CD274 Single Tank Light Duty Electric Fryer (8 Ltr) (Not available on Amazon).

What The Bakers Use

Caterlite CD274 Single Tank Light Duty Electric Fryer (8 Ltr)

The bakers on The Great British Baking Show have access to the Caterlite CD274 Single Tank Light Duty Electric Fryer (8 Ltr) (Not available on Amazon).

Out of all the pieces of equipment on The Great British Baking show, I would venture to say this is the most industrial.

This is a counter top deep fat fryer by the Caterlite brand, we'll get to them in a second. It is a stainless steel unit, the inner container is removable for easy cleaning, and the stainless lid has cutouts to allow the basket to be in place while the lid rests in place. The edges are rounded, which is great for avoiding injury and all the parts are replaceable.

The fryer runs on 230V - 13 Amps and consumes 3.0 kW of power. The temperature adjusts from 120° to 190° C (248° - 374° F), and the container has an 8 Liter capacity. You've seen the size of this thing on the show, it is big - 280(H) x 342(W) x 408(D)mm (11 x 13.5x 16 inches).

Basically this thing is a medium duty commercial piece of equipment made for the long haul. Honestly - you probably do not need something this massive, power consuming, and big. We'll get to some decent options and alternative methods shortly.

Who is Caterlite?

Caterlite is the branding for the light and medium duty professional catering appliances from Buffalo Appliances. You probably don't need to click that link unless you are a caterer - in which case - go for it, they're quality. Annoyingly Caterlite does not even have its own website. Feels like 1999.

So who are Buffalo Appliances? Well they've been around since about 2004 manufacturing professional heavy duty catering equipment. This is not the "pro" model you buy to stick in your kitchen. Its literally the equipment you buy to put in your restaurant or food truck and utilize every day.

The great thing about Buffalo is that all of their appliances appear to be serviceable. That means if your heating element goes out - it can be replaced. If the basket breaks - it can be replaced. If the handles pop off... there is a problem! And Caterlite is a sub-brand of Buffalo, so there are a lot of interchangeable parts! Wonderful!

They're based in the UK and it seems to be difficult to find retailers for their equipment. You'll need to find a restaurant supply store, if you're in the UK and you absolutely need this fryer here are 2 links:

But do you need this? Do you even have 230V (220 in the US) power to your kitchen counter? I'd venture to say you don't. This is the kind of power your clothes dryer pulls. Or maybe you have an arc welder in your garage - you probably have a nice 220V outlet there too. Not on your kitchen counter.

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 4 Quart Stainless Steel Deep Fryer
(Amazon Link)

So what about the home baker?

T-fal Deep Fryer FR8000
(Amazon Link)

Okay! We've got 2 options here and one of them is really simple! And the other... well involves buying a smaller deep fryer.

The first option I'd suggest if you're infrequently frying things is simply a nice cast iron pan such as the Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet (Amazon Link) and a decent cooking thermometer. Basically get your cooking oil to roughly 375F in the pan - put your dough in and voila! Fried. I mean you're not going to sink things in the fat, but you can always flip them over!

For as frequently as I guess (and hope for health reasons) you're deep frying this works wonderfully.

The second option is to purchase a counter-top deep fryer that runs on 120V (or 110V UK friends). These are the deep fryers you're going to find in department stores and readily available online.

Here there are two options that really shine. The first option is the T-fal Deep Fryer FR8000 (Amazon Link) (UK). The second is the Cuisinart CDF-200P1 4 Quart Stainless Steel Deep Fryer (Amazon Link) (not available on Amazon UK). The Cuisinart comes in various sizes from 1 quart to 1 gallon. So if you're looking for a smaller foot print it may be the way to go. Both clock in with thousands of 5 star reviews, the T-Fal (or Tefal for our UK friends) clocks in with 79% 5 star vs the 70% on the Cuisinart.

Either of these fryers will work great for the home cook who's looking to do some legit deep frying and don't have the 230V and counter space in their home kitchen for the Caterlite Electric Fryer.

Having had a room mate with the T-fal fryer, I can say it made some great churros. However, keep in mind you're going to want to clean it regularly after use and store or dispose of the oil! Don't just let it sit on the counter :horrible memories:.