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Great British Baking Show Ramekins

March 23, 2021

TLDR: Ramekins seldom make an appearance but when they do the bakers on The Great British Baking Show utilize ramekins by Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares (Amazon Link).

What The Bakers Use

Maxwell & Williams Designer Housewarese - White Basics Ramekin 7.5cm

When Rammstein Ramekins show up no The Great British Baking show they are produced by Universal Music Group Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares.

The bakers bake creme caramels and creme brulees in the Ramekins. These light custard dishes are baked directly in the ceramic ramekins. Thus ramekins that are not oven worthy are pretty much worthless.

On one of the episodes (you know the one) in a rather entertaining scene a creme caramel will not come out of the ramekin and it meets its demise in a very impactful way.

Why'd they go Maxwell & Williams?

The shattered ramekin should not be laid at the feet of either Maxwell or Williams. In fact, Maxwell and Williams pride themselves on making quality and affordable homewares. They were founded in 1995 in Australia and have since made a push to be distributed world wide. Thus their ramekins found their way into our friends on The Great British Baking Show's hands.

Maxwell & Williams actually has quite an extensive lineup of homewares. This includes tableware, galssware, cutlery, kitchenware, and other random utilitarian ... things. Think water bottles. And they go to some cool extremes doing some fun collaborations with various artists. If you're looking for a fun tableware set or mug - they have some fun choices!

However, in my opinion the thing they may do the strongest is their 'white basics' set. This is table and bakeware in a a very simple form factor and all white (Amazon Link). If you're looking for a very clean look where your accents and food really stand out - this is a simple and quality way to get that look.

Fortunately for us Maxwell & Williams had the drive to become a globally distributed company, and they are now found in over 40 counties. What does that mean for us?

Well simply put - we can find their products relatively easily! Yes! While Amazon does seem to sell out of their Ramekins quite frequently they do have an entire 'store' for Maxwell & Williams online (Amazon Store).

Additionally you can find Maxwell & Williams wares at Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfare, and Belk (they still exist?).

Mulga the Artist Mug 450ML Unicorn (Sorry I can't find this on Amazon)

The Other Ramekins

LE TAUCI Ramekin 6 oz x 6 PCS, Bakeware Set for Baking, Ceylon Blue (Amazon Link)

Normally I just showcase the company that has produced the item in question, in this case Maxwell & Williams, and some of their other cool products. But instead this time I'm going to point out some other nice ramekins. And some other options if you're not 100% set on getting the Maxwell & Williams ramekins.

First off I ended up getting my ramekins from a Target. I needed them for crème brûlée and I needed them much sooner than later and honestly they've been great. They're made by Threshold and have done a great job! If you're looking for some in a pinch you may get lucky like I did, and they'll have them in store.

The next easy option is via Amazon and they have 2 that I really like (the way they look - I don't own these) and have good reviews.

The first are the LE TAUCI Ramekin in ceylon blue. They are just really pretty and look more like a traditional stoneware. If you're trying to add a bit of flare to dessert this could be the way to go. They're chill, and on top of that dishwasher and microwave safe. They also clock in with 84% 5 star reviews.

The second pick is the LE TAUCI ramekins in white. These look really close to the Maxwell & Williams option but cost a bit less ($3 / dish and come in a set of 6). Again they are dishwasher and microwave safe, and look very classy. Just be sure you get the right size - I'd suggest the 8oz size as 4 oz (1/2 cup) is pretty small, especially if you're not filling your ramekins!