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Great British Baking Show Storage Jars

February , 2021

TLDR: Every season of The Great British Baking Show has used the Kilner Clip-Top Storage Jars (US version)(Kilner Amazon Store).

What The Bakers Use

Kilner Round Clip Top Jar, 34-Fl Oz, 1 L (Amazon Link)

The bakers on The Great British Baking Show have their ingredients conveniently stored in Kilner Clip-Top Storage Jars (Amazon Link) on top of their counters. These have been present since season 1 and remain through the 2020 season.

The Kilner Jars are distinguished by their orange rubber seals and the "Kilner est 1842" on the side of the jars. As you would expect the jars come in many different sizes, from 2 oz spice jars (Amazon Link) to 3 L storage jars (Amazon Link) for bulk items such as flour and oats, and a whole gamut of sizes in between.

The aspect of the Kilner Jars that I like the most (aside from looking nice) is their clip top that seals on the replaceable orange rubber seal (Amazon Link). This allows for the jar to stay sealed which keeps out that pesky Oxygen and keeps things fresher longer on the inside.

The original Kilner jars were used for canning, and pickling, long term storage of foods. And while The Great British Baking Show uses them for consumable ingredient storage, they still do an incredible job at long term storage.

Why Kilner?

Kilner was founded in England in 1842 by John Kilner, and keeping true to their British roots, the Great British Baking Show uses their jars. But the jars did not simply get a free pass for being British.

Quite the contrary the jars are of incredibly high quality. In fact since the 1900's they've stood by their motto of 'the original and the best, all other brands are substitutes.' It's a bold claim but apparently it holds water. (Yes - bad pun intended!)

The various sizes of the available jars is another nice quality. The Great British Baking Show can have a very uniform look for their counter-top storage despite their sizes.

Unfortunately, it seems that the US version of's online store does not sell what I would imagine to be their signature product (save for the spice jars). However, the UK version at does... however, I can not get their shipping to pick up US addresses! Which leaves it up to you to find them at local stores - or more easily - on Amazon.

Alongside their British roots and great quality - they also have a very pleasing aesthetic to them which makes them look great on the baker's counters. (Let's be honest - they'd look great on your counter too - and that's why you're here as well!)

KilnerĀ® Strawberry Canning Jar (Amazon Link)

Kilner's other glassy products

Kilner Barrel Drinks Dispenser 3.5 Litre (Amazon Link)

In addition to their glass storage jars it Kilner has a large selection of other fun glassware as well as some neat gadgets. So let me briefly open your eyes to 3 of my favorites.

Looking at their glassware first - they have some targeting entertaining and they are indeed... amusing. The first is their 3.5L Barrel Drinks Dispenser (Us Site) (Amazon Link). If you're putting on a party with anything themed whiskey - this is awesome.

Second is this coffee grinder (US Site) (Amazon Link). Why? If you're a fan of pour over - DIY grinding is the way to go. Sure there are machines where you can adjust the grind and not need to do it by hand, but this little guy is pretty dang cute and grinding fresh coffee is kinda fun and smells amazing! Sadly this is sold out dang near everywhere!

Lastly if you're a fan of making jams or preserves, or parfaits, Kilner makes some awesome little Strawberry Jars (US Site) (Amazon Link). If you're hosting or just like to make yourself smile these will go a long way to bring a little bit of joy with some simple glassware.