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Great British Baking Show Spatulas

October 7, 2021

TLDR: In season 12 the Great British Baking Show spatulas are Colourworks Classics Blue Silicone Spatula with Soft Touch Handle (Amazon Link USA / UK).

What The Bakers Use

Colourworks Classics Blue Silicone Spatula with Soft Touch Handle (Amazon Link USA / UK)

Every season the bakers have had some sort of spatula - most of the time they're a bold colored silicone spatula, which sadly are fairly generic and thus difficult to identify. In season 11 they had access to some pretty awesome double spatulas, but this year they finally have spatulas that piqued my interest!

The 2021 season 12 of The Great British Baking Show spatulas are Colourworks Classics Blue Silicone Spatula with Soft Touch Handle (Amazon Link USA / UK).

Aside from the great dual-color combinations this spatula comes in, it has one major trick up its sleeve. The shape of the head allows for the spatula to rest on the lip of bowls, pots and pans. This means you don't have to find something to put it on when not using it. This means 1 less dish or 1 less thing to clean up. Super nice! The contours also let you clean off harder to reach surfaces and weird shaped things such as whisks.

The spatula body is made out of silicone which is heat resistant to 260°C/500°F and is dishwasher safe. Being silicone it will not absorb food or smells, and thus remains fairly inert while you're cooking and non-offensive when you're done. The handle is a different textured material (possibly still silicone) but has a 'soft grip' feel to it. The eyelet on the handle has a nice flourish to it, and is the same color as the spatula head. All around I think it looks amazing and was excited to hunt this product down!

The only thing I'm skeptical about is it claims to have "no cracks in the handle" for food to get stuck in. It looks like the space between the two different colors is literally just that - a crack for food to get stuck in. I'm skeptical and I hope I'm wrong.

Why Colourworks?

Colourworks is one of KitchenCraft's sister brands (not to be confused with KitchenCraft ... the cabinet makers). I previously did a detailed look at KitchenCraft when I did the cooking thermometers. But a quick summary is still in order.

KitchenCraft was founded in 1850 by Thomas Plant and bore his name until 1996 when they rebranded in order to more clearly state what they do. They were acquired by the US based company Lifetime Brands, which also owns: AnySharp, Artesà, BarCraft, BUILT New York, Chef'n, Chicago Metallic, Colourworks, Creative Tops, Home Made, KitchenAid, KitchenCraft, La Cafetière, Le’Xpress, London Pottery, MasterClass, Maxwell & Williams, Mikasa, Natural Elements, Rabbit, Sabatier, Sweetly Does It, Taylor, and V&A. Embrace the Oxford comma!

I was super surprised to learn that they own KitchenAid - yea that KitchenAid - the one that makes the stand mixers. They also own MasterClass which makes things for... let us say 'aspiring cooks,' as well as Taylor of the 2021 season 12 scales fame.

I'm starting to see why some of the changes this season may have come about. Honestly I'm happy they still use Wusthof knives instead of Sabatier - yes - I am biased. Then again it could just be due to convenience. Speaking of which, if you want to get one of these spatulas, what is the best way?

Do your thing crazy shape! (Amazon Link USA / UK)

Where to get one?

HOTEC Silicone Rubber Spatula Set (Amazon Link USA / UK)

Well if you're lucky enough to live in the UK - enjoy your NHS... and the relative ease with which you can find KitchenCraft, and therefore Colourworks equipment. That said a lot of ... stockists, ahem stores, carry the Colourworks equipment. However, the easiest way these days is probably via the internets - that crazy series of tubes. carries a pretty cool set of kitchen utensils for £32.99 which is a pretty good deal if you need everything. Otherwise Colourworks has an Amazon store. Which is pretty awesome, and you can feel confident you're getting legit items. A nicety is that you can get the spatulas individually. They run £2.75 to £4.75 (roughly $3.75 to $6.50) and if you get enough things in your shopping cart Amazon shipping is free.

In the good ol' U-S of A getting your hands on one of these fine spatulas is a little easier said than done.

You have the same options, Wayfair or Amazon, but, you're going to need to pony up roughly $8.99 in shipping. Currently there is only one person shipping to the US or selling on the US Amazon. If you really want to end up paying roughly $15 they are available on Amazon.

I'll definitely keep my eye on this and if / when they are sold by US base sellers, or Amazon itself.. or Walmart... or Target (one can dream) - I'll post links.

The other options are to wait, with gaining popularity this may be more prevalent and easier to get soon. Also take a look at other spatulas, such as the nifty double spatula from Season 11. And if all else fails, there is always the super common silicone spatula. They still have fun colors.