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Great British Baking Show Mixing Bowls

April 25, 2021

TLDR: The Great British Baking Show mixing bowls are the Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl - 26cm (Amazon Link).

What The Bakers Use

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl - 26cm (Amazon Link)

The Great British Baking Show mixing bowls are Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls (Amazon Link). They are high quality ceramic mixing bowls.

The Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls (Amazon Link) come in tons of really pretty colors. The easiest way to see their whole range of available colors is probably to go through their official Amazon store, which seems to have a better selection than their homepage.

The mixin bowl the bakers normally use has the very pleasant and iconic 'cane' pattern. However, Mason Cash actually has quite a few fun patterns and offer a ton of kitchenware - I'll show case some below.

Why Mason Cash?

Simply put - Mason Cash is English - and formed in 1800. So they have a 220 year history of making excellent stoneware.

After 100 years of 'other' mixing bowls, in 1901 they created their signature Cane Mixing Bowl - and the design has not changed since then. It has become quite simply - an icon. The bowls are easily recognized, and have been distributed around the world.

But perhaps an even better reason to use them, than "they're famous," is that they produce excellent ceramics. Mason Cash (then just Mason) was created by a group of Master Potters, in a locale with access to the best materials and wonderful transport. True to their origins they continue to make excellent kitchenware - though they've expanded past just their iconic mixing bowls.

Mason Cash In The Forest Mixing Bowl
(Amazon Link)

Moar Mason Cash!

Cane & Blue Lettered Dog Bowl 15cm
(Amazon Link)

So Mason Cash has a few hundred products along side their iconic mixing bowls. There are a couple that have struck my fancy. A - Another mixing bowl and B. a dog bowl?!

The first is super cute. The Mason Cash In The Forest Bowls (Amazon Link) exchanges the iconic cane design for a forest scene complete with little hedgehogs!

The second is their dog bowl (Amazon Link). Which proudly proclaims... "DOG". I really think I like this because of the 2 tone. The blue against the 'cane' color is really quite striking and I like it.

Other Mixing Bowl Options

One of the kitchen-wares sorely needed in my house, for quite some time, was mixing bowls. I had been using a large pyrex bowl (Amazon Link) for roughly 10 years - which honestly got me nearly where I wanted to go most of the time.

However, my wife went looking into some awesome options and she found some bowls with rubber bottoms for good grip. We first saw these at Williams Sonoma - but upon looking into them they had really bad reviews.

However, she did find nearly the same thing for roughly half the price with a thousand plus 5 star reviews on Amazon. The Stainless Steel Umite Chef Mixing Bowls with non-slip bottoms are great! Having been using them since Christmas (Thank you Secret Santa) we can say they are well deserving of their 5 star reviews and have held up amazingly.

Thus if you're looking for the Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls (Amazon Link) from The Great British Baking Show - and want a heavy duty high quality mixing bowl for a reasonable price - go for it! If you're looking for something a bit lighter, brighter, and ... non-slipperier? The Umite Chef Mixing Bowls) are great as well!

Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, 6 piece Stainless Steel Metal Bowls by Umite Chef (Amazon Link)